Georgia fathers know how difficult it is to convince a judge that they deserve joint physical and legal custody of their children. For a father who wants sole custody of his children, the burden will be even harder to prove. While courts previously assumed that mothers would be the better parent to assume custody, Marietta fathers want to preserve their relationships with their children, too. Despite having custody and most likely trying to preserve a relationship with his son, a football star is now at the heart of a child custody battle.

The Pittsburgh Steelers team MVP, Antonio Brown, has been a good father to his 4-year-old son. He has told reporters that his son is happy and that his son is with him “for a reason” but did not go into specifics about what that reason is. Despite caring and providing for his son and even inviting his son’s mother to visit the child, the mother has recently filed suit for custody over the child.

The mother has asked a judge for an emergency order that would require Brown to bring their son to Florida. She claims that he took their child without her permission and, that since their departure, she has not communicated with the child. The mother makes this claim despite the recent plans to visit the child.

Brown is confident that the mother’s suit will be handled appropriately, however.

When someone hears the term “single parent” most people picture a woman caring for her children, but there are an increasing number of men who are the primary or sole caregiver to a former couple’s children. Although it may still be difficult for fathers to gain custody over their children, an experienced family law attorney may be able to convince a judge that it is just as important for a child to live with his or her father as with his or her mother.

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh, “Antonio Brown Says He’s A Good Dad,” Jan. 5, 2012