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January 2012 Archives

Football father fights mother for custody of his son

Georgia fathers know how difficult it is to convince a judge that they deserve joint physical and legal custody of their children. For a father who wants sole custody of his children, the burden will be even harder to prove. While courts previously assumed that mothers would be the better parent to assume custody, Marietta fathers want to preserve their relationships with their children, too. Despite having custody and most likely trying to preserve a relationship with his son, a football star is now at the heart of a child custody battle.

What caused Project Runway host's divorce?

Men and women across Marietta know just gets under their skin, but sometimes they aren't aware what the "deal breakers" are in their marriages. What is something that is so serious, so critical that if you catch your spouse doing it you would file for divorce? For many people in Georgia and around the United States the answer is infidelity, but that is not what lead to the recent divorce of Heidi Klum and Seal.

Another celebrity heads to Splitsville

Lately, it seems like various celebrities are opting out of their marriage agreements. Katy Perry, Kobe Bryant, Zooey Deschanel, Mena Suvari and Kim Kardashian are just some of the people that have headlined the news. As Georgia residents know, no one really wants to go through the process of divorce; however, recently, another well-known celebrity has taken a trip to Splitsville.

Is it more fiscally responsible to separate or divorce?

Today, more Georgia couples are opting for a legal separation as a strategy to avoid the pitfalls associated with divorce. Legal separation also allows couples in Marietta to address important issues such as alimony, division of debt, and custody or child support without going through an actual divorce. There are some who argue that a legal separation is a more fiscally sound choice than divorce, but it is important to also ensure that you protect yourself if you choose to separate.

What celebrity divorce teaches us about why we fall apart

Although the marriage of Katy Perry and Russell Brand may have caught the attention of the people of Georgia, their divorce may just be seen as yet another celebrity break up. After the Kardashian-Humphries split, short marriages seem to be en vogue in the entertainment world, but Perry and Brand's divorce could shed some light on why everyday residents in Marietta decide to divorce.

What to do before you say, "I want a divorce"

Now that the holidays are over, many people in Marietta and across the country are thinking about leaving their husbands and wives, but there are several things that you should do before you even tell your soon-to-be former spouse that you want to end the marriage. A divorce can be extremely stressful and difficult for many people to go through, but working with an attorney that has considerable experience in front of Georgia divorce judges could help someone going through a divorce make it out without losing everything.

What's God got to do with child custody?

At one point, child custody decisions in Georgia focused on which parent would get the children for the holidays, but there was little about in which religion the child was to be raised. Now, however, there are an increasing number of divorced couples whose child custody agreements are spelling out the details of their children's religious instruction and practices. While some divorcing parents choose to be intentionally vague about religion in their divorce agreements, many may find themselves petitioning the court for a child custody modification as they rediscover their faith.

More non-custodial parents paying child support in Cobb County

This blog has previously talked about how difficult it can be for custodial parents to actually receive the full amount of child support their exes owe and that many custodial parents never see any money for child support. The Marietta Daily Herald reports, however, that Cobb County and the rest of Georgia has seen an increase in the amount of child support collected from non-custodial parents.

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