Anyone in Marietta that is going through a divorce knows just how difficult of a process it can be. Even if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are still friendly and cordial, the divorce process can easily lead to offense and hurt. Although you may need to tread carefully through the divorce process, not every couple needs to go through the Georgia family court system to obtain a final and legal separation. Some divorces can be worked out civilly through mediation.

Divorce mediation is best for separating couples that are still able to be in the same room together, but may not see their ex as the enemy. During divorce mediation, couples can be represented by divorce attorneys, but instead of meeting in front of a judge, the separating couple will meet with a mediator.

The role of the mediator is to encourage the divorcing spouses to communicate and negotiate the divorce. He or she will focus on getting the soon-to-be exes to talk about what they believe their needs will be in the future and what each party wants from the other. Mediation aims to give both parties as much of what they want as possible while still reminding each spouse to be realistic.

In certain situations, divorcing couples may attempt a collaborative law divorce. Collaborative law works to bring couples together with their respective attorneys to work out a divorce settlement or solution without the aid of a mediator. This method of divorcing, however, requires separating couples to work closely with each other and to understand that their attorney is working as closely with their future exes as they are with their actual clients.

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