Divorcing parents are almost always concerned for the welfare of their children. Many questions are raised as to how to deal with custody, even in the friendliest of divorces. One of the biggest things to consider in child custody cases is what the children want.

Stress on children of families going through a divorce is often caused because kids think their lifestyles are about to change drastically. This stress can sometimes be avoided if parents work with their children to ensure as little change as possible to the kids’ daily activities.

It’s important to communicate with children when contemplating a divorce, so they aren’t caught off-guard once a couple decides to go through with separation. The more they know, the less shocking the divorce might be.

On top of telling children of a possible divorce before papers are filed, it is important for the children to have a part in the custody decision. If it is easier for the child to stay at one parent’s house because of an extracurricular activity, the child’s schedule might want to be considered when discussing custody on those nights.

Another way to ease the stress of divorce is to let kids ask questions. They may want to know how their lives will be impacted from whether they will have to change schools to where they will spend their weekends or who will drive them to extracurricular activities.

An attorney specializing in child custody can help ease the stress between parents when discussing custody options.

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