Just like single mothers in Marietta, single fathers sometimes need to rely on community services and programs to help raise children. Fathers that find themselves as the sole custodial parents of young children after previously sharing parenting responsibilities with wives may understand how difficult a situation they are in, but being a single father is not impossible. Rather, it is a father’s right to try and raise his children if granted custody by the court.

Luckily for one single father, he had access to a community program that has helped him with his three young sons after their mother left six years ago. In order to provide for his children and himself, the father had to move and got a job with a construction firm. After several years of working, he was able to afford a trailer home and the family moved out of the father’s parents’ home.

During his long hours at work, the father was able to use a local Boys & Girls’ Club to ensure his children had a safe place to go after school. The Club has also been able to help the boys deal with some of their emotional and anger problems. As this single father struggled to earn money for his family, he knew that his children were getting the proper care they needed.

The father does receive some money from the boys’ mother. It is unclear, however, how much she pays in child support.

Raising a child alone is never easy, but after a divorce, many single mothers and fathers find themselves working twice as hard to provide for their children. For some single parents, it is important to rely on community programs like a local Boys & Girls’ Club to help shoulder the burden of raising a child while single.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Single dad works hard to provide for 3 energetic boys,” Mike Clary, Dec. 6, 2011