Most people in Marietta will remember Kobe Bryant making headlines in 2003 for all the wrong reasons. The international basketball superstar had been accused of sexual assault by a 19-year-old. The woman, who worked at a hotel at which Bryant was staying, claimed that Bryant had non-consensual sex with her. Throughout the scandal, Bryant’s wife refused to believe that her husband had assaulted the woman, but now, she has filed for divorce.

According to court documents, the Bryants married without a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement dictates the division of property and ABC News reports that the money Kobe has earned throughout his many years of NBA play will be divided equally between the Bryants. It is unknown if the wife will receive alimony, as well.

The wife indicated it was irreconcilable differences that led the couple to a divorce, but they were able to work out all aspects of the divorce through their lawyers prior to actually filing for divorce. The couple expects the divorce to be finalized in 2012.

One of the issues that Kobe and his wife presumably resolved was who would have custody of the children. During the span of their 10-year marriage, the couple had two children and it seems the former couple has decided to share custody of their daughters. Both the wife and Kobe have requested joint legal and physical custody.

The soon-to-be exes have kept their divorce fairly private and it has not been reported if Kobe’s admitted adultery played any role in the divorce. What is for certain, however, is that this divorce has not been too different from many Georgia divorces — the couple met and came to an agreement on how to divorce before finalizing the divorce through the courts.

Source: ABC News, “Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Files for Divorce,” Dec. 17, 2011