Many people in Marietta will remember the build up to the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding. Not only was the constant planning caught on tape and aired as part of the Kardashian reality television show empire, but the television channel E! also filmed a two-part wedding special that aired two weeks ago. Seventy-two days later, however, Kardashian has filed for a divorce. With such a short marriage, the question will be “Who gets what?”

Although the process of deciding how to divide marital assets can be difficult, Kardashian and Humphries may be able to avoid some of the more typical problems plaguing divorcing spouses. Even if the couple didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, it is unlikely that a judge would find that one spouse provided significant financial support to the other. The short duration of the marriage makes it much easier for a judge to find that Humphries and Kardashian had primarily relied on their own respective monies during the six-month marriage.

Additionally, it is believed that Kardashian and Humphries signed and executed a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage. While the exact terms of the agreement are unknown, it is likely that neither spouse owes each other anything after a divorce. Although Humphries is a former professional basketball player, Kardashian entered the marriage with considerable personal and business assets that needed protection. It is reasonable to assume that any prenuptial agreement only addressed how marital property would be divided.

One of the questions that is still up in the air, however, is how to divide the money that was earned by the couple’s reality show wedding. The total cost of their wedding was around $10 million, but both were expected to reap a nice profit from making the wedding into a television special. Although most couples do not have to consider the money they make on a wedding as part of their property division, it is likely Humphries and Kardashian incorporated some language regarding profits into their prenuptial agreement.

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