If you are newly divorced or if these are your first holidays after separating from your former spouse, you may be dreading the next few months. You are not alone, however, there are plenty of people in Marietta who are concerned about how they will make it through the holiday season while single. While it is possible that your holidays could be extremely uncomfortable and upsetting for both you and your children, there are ways to protect your children from a potentially stressful situation.

One mistake that many newly divorced parents may fall into is spending money on their children as a way to compensate for a divorce. While there aren’t many children who will turn down a new toy, it is better for a parent to spend within his or her budget this holiday season. It is possible that you are or will be adjusting to a newer and lower level of income without your former spouse around, so over-spending may cause more financial problems down the road.

Another important tip is to make new holiday traditions. Although you may have many happy memories of the holidays before your divorce, there is no way that you, your children or your former spouse will be able to recreate those family traditions. Rather than stressing out about why your holidays won’t be the same, consciously make some new holiday traditions that you and your children can replicate in the future.

One of the hardest but most important things you may have to do this holiday season is being happy that your children had fun during your ex’s parenting time. You may no longer love your former husband or wife, but your children do. It is extremely important that you give them the approval that they need, even if you are telling them that it is OK to have a good time with their dad or mom.

Holidays are stressful for everyone, even for someone who has never gone through a divorce. While this time of year can be hard, there are simple things that you can do to ensure you and your children have the best holidays possible.

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