For many parents in Georgia that share physical custody of their children, there is a fear that the children’s other parent may injure then when they drop the children off as part of a child custody agreement. For marriages that ended because of domestic violence, shared parenting time could present many problems. Even if the parent doesn’t fear injury, he or she may be worried that the other parent may start a fight in front of the children.

There may be a solution that some Marietta parents may be interested in, however. A child custody handoff center would provide safety and amicability for parents sharing custody of their children. A handoff center currently being built is expected to have security guards to protect both parents and children. Another interesting feature of the centers are staggered arrival and departure times, meaning that a mother would drop her children off before the father was there to pick the children up and vice versa.

While this center is being built in Baltimore, Maryland, it is possible that these types of centers will expand to Georgia. The mayor’s Office on Criminal Justice has reported that the most common violations of protective orders happen when parents are dropping off or picking up children for custodial visits.

In addition to protecting parents during custodial visits, the child custody handoff centers are expected to also provide supervised visitation programs.

Those parents who are concerned about seeing their exes, whether it is because they are afraid their exes may harm them or that their exes will start to verbally harass them in front of their children, may be able to worry less if they used a child custody handoff facility. As of now, it is unknown if this model will be expanded.

Source: WBAL TV, “City To Create New Child Custody Handoff Center,” Nov. 2, 2011