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November 2011 Archives

Child custody handoff facility could lessen domestic violence

For many parents in Georgia that share physical custody of their children, there is a fear that the children's other parent may injure then when they drop the children off as part of a child custody agreement. For marriages that ended because of domestic violence, shared parenting time could present many problems. Even if the parent doesn't fear injury, he or she may be worried that the other parent may start a fight in front of the children.

Divorcing couples may take cues from Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher

It's no surprise that the Internet is abuzz over the breakup of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. There's something about a celebrity divorce that piques our interest. Some of us like a good showdown. Others of us want to see how big stars handle the everyday problems the rest of us face, albeit on a much grander and more public scale.

Missing toddler's dad suspects mom in disappearance

When it comes to determining child custody in a divorce, heated disputes are fairly common. The adjustment to spending less time with their children can be emotionally very difficult for both parents, and if parenting disagreements were part of the impetus for the divorce, a power struggle can ensue.

Communication is key in helping children through divorce

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you may be wondering how your children will fare -- weeks, months and years down the road. Perhaps you were a child of divorced parents and are still feeling the effects of that long-ago split.

Mother dies in emergency delivery, custody battle brewing

A hit-and-run accident left a pregnant woman in the hospital just a week away from her estimated delivery date. She had been walking to work and was approximately 200 yards away when she was hit by a dark car. Although police continue to look for the driver, it is known that he or she never braked before the accident and never stopped to help the woman. Luckily, she was found by a doctor and taken to the hospital and put under observation. Despite showing signs of improvement, she unexpectedly died, but doctors were able to save her baby. Now, the father of the baby wants to exercise his paternal rights and has petitioned for custody of the child.

How to make post-divorce holidays less stressful

If you are newly divorced or if these are your first holidays after separating from your former spouse, you may be dreading the next few months. You are not alone, however, there are plenty of people in Marietta who are concerned about how they will make it through the holiday season while single. While it is possible that your holidays could be extremely uncomfortable and upsetting for both you and your children, there are ways to protect your children from a potentially stressful situation.

Obesity is now a factor in child custody decisions

As any Georgia family court judge knows, he or she must make a child custody decision with the best interest of a child in mind. While that may seem straight forward, what does that really mean? Is it in a best interest to move out of a home in Marietta, the only home a child has ever known, to move across the country? Is it in the best interest to award custody to a parent that makes more money, but has less time to spend with a child? These kinds of questions have long been considered by Georgia judges, but some may start looking at obesity as a factor in determining which parent should have physical custody over the children.

Who takes what in the Kardashian divorce?

Many people in Marietta will remember the build up to the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding. Not only was the constant planning caught on tape and aired as part of the Kardashian reality television show empire, but the television channel E! also filmed a two-part wedding special that aired two weeks ago. Seventy-two days later, however, Kardashian has filed for a divorce. With such a short marriage, the question will be "Who gets what?"

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