It is clear that the economic recession has affected all of us and it is likely that many in Marietta are looking for ways to save money. While it may seem like you are paying more for things after a divorce, all without your former spouse’s income, there may be some changes you can make to your parenting time plan that can save you some money. For parents that share custody of a child, following some simple tips could reduce your costs and possibly even provide you and your child with more time together.

One of the biggest cost-saving methods you can implement is to use your ex-husband or ex-wife to watch the children when you need a baby sitter. Although it may seem counterintuitive to give your former spouse extra time with your child, it is likely that the time will eventually even out as he or she starts to use you as a baby sitter. Plus, even if you and your ex are not cordial, he or she is still your child’s parent and it is better for your child can spend time with his or her parent than with a baby sitter. The same principle applies to your former in-laws.

It is also beneficial to ensure that you are getting the most cost-effective health insurance possible for your child. If you have been ordered to cover your child’s health insurance, but it is less expensive for your former partner to cover your child on his or her own health plan, it may be better to simply pay your ex the difference between single and family coverage.

The more money you and your ex are able to save in co-parenting, the easier it is for you to care for your child. If your former spouse has been ordered to pay child support, it will be easier for him or her to do so if he or she has a little bit of extra money.

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