Many single-parents in Georgia know how difficult it can be to get an ex to pay child support. He or she may not have the money; may not want to have anything to do for the child, including supporting the child; or he or she may not have sufficient money to make the full child support payment. When it seems almost impossible to get the money, some parents must turn to more extreme methods of collecting support. When popular 90s singer Stevie B failed to keep up with his child support payments, the mother of his two teenage daughters had him arrested after he performed at a concert.

The mother of his two children claim that the singer owes her $420,000 in child support after presumably not making child support payments for years. While Forbes reports that his two daughters are 17 and 18 years old, it does not say how long the singer apparently failed to pay his court ordered child support. The singer insists that he has always supported his children and plans on introducing evidence of numerous payments he has made at his next hearing.

After his arrest, the singer spent several days in jail before making a lump sum payment of $11,000. He also agreed to a future lump sum payment of $10,000 and a weekly payment of $921. According to Forbes, the singer has also made extra payments as a form of goodwill.

It seems that Stevie B has the financial resources to pay off his child support debt. While arresting a deadbeat parent may not be possible in every state, many parents have relied on other methods in order to get the money owed to them. Working with a family law attorney can help determine what methods will be best to enforce a child support award. And, for those parents who truly can’t afford a child support award, it is important to seek a modification of a child support order before an angry ex has you arrested.

Source: Forbes, “Singer Stevie B denies Mass. child support figure,” Denise Lavoie, Oct. 4, 2011