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October 2011 Archives

Wife attempts to take authors assets in divorce

While many in Georgia may not know his name, many are familiar with Elmore Leonard's work. The 86-year-old crime writer has penned numerous articles and screenplays and 45 books. Many of his stories have been made into movies, such as "Get Shorty," "Freaky Deaky," and "3:10 to Yuma." The prolific author is now facing a new story -- divorce.

How to save money while co-parenting

It is clear that the economic recession has affected all of us and it is likely that many in Marietta are looking for ways to save money. While it may seem like you are paying more for things after a divorce, all without your former spouse's income, there may be some changes you can make to your parenting time plan that can save you some money. For parents that share custody of a child, following some simple tips could reduce your costs and possibly even provide you and your child with more time together.

Georgia father with no custody over children takes them to Mexico

What must have been the most frightening month in one Georgia mother's life is now over. The mother lost all four of her children after their father allegedly kidnapped them and took them to Mexico to stay with their maternal grandmother. While the children are back home and the father is on the run, this was very close to becoming an international child custody dispute.

Nasty divorce tactics lead to DUI arrests and FBI investigations

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a criminal investigation and your soon-to-be former spouse is using your criminal charges against you in family court. As any Georgia resident going through a divorce knows, divorce is not always nice. Even if you and your ex have gone through mediation, he or she may pull some dirty tricks in order to convince a divorce judge to give him or her a more beneficial divorce settlement or child custody agreement.

How to settle child custody disputes out of court

Courts are often reluctant to allow the children involved in a child custody battle into the courtrooms, and for good reason. Judges have long believed that bringing a child into the courtroom can be a traumatic experience, potentially damaging the child's psyche. But there are options for Marietta parents seeking a divorce that can prevent the long, drawn-out battle that courts tend to offer, and settle child custody agreements in private and with the assistance of an attorney.

Father disputes child support figures but makes goodwill payments

Many single-parents in Georgia know how difficult it can be to get an ex to pay child support. He or she may not have the money; may not want to have anything to do for the child, including supporting the child; or he or she may not have sufficient money to make the full child support payment. When it seems almost impossible to get the money, some parents must turn to more extreme methods of collecting support. When popular 90s singer Stevie B failed to keep up with his child support payments, the mother of his two teenage daughters had him arrested after he performed at a concert.

How to avoid drinking and anger during a divorce

While divorce is usually not the most peaceful time in many Marietta residents' lives, divorcing spouses do not need to devolve to shouting matches and escaping from their problems through alcohol. Anyone that is recovering from an alcohol addiction knows that getting angry, overwhelmed or upset can interfere with sobriety, but there are some ways of controlling those negative emotions while going through a divorce. Even if you aren't working through an addiction, the more amicable your divorce is the better.

Many couples are choosing to reconcile than go through divorce

For many Georgia couples, when they make the decision to divorce, they are certain their marriages have failed. Some marriages fell apart after one or both spouses cheated, sometimes a partner is abusive, but oftentimes the husband and wife just grow apart. For many of these couples, a divorce will be final, but there is also a growing trend of couples reconciling before actually going through with the divorce.

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