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September 2011 Archives

Safety concerns prompt many to finally seek divorce

There are a number of factors which prompt an unhappily married couple to get divorced, but it seems that, above all else, safety is the driving force behind most divorces. Many times, couples teeter on the brink of divorce, yet remain undecided on whether to separate. For some, when one of the spouses starts a pattern of abuse, however, couples finally have the impetus to divorce.

Former NFL star Terrell Owens pays off child support arrears

For some single parents, it can be extremely difficult to collect court-ordered child support payments. Noncustodial parents may have a variety of excuses as to why they can't pay, but it is usually a claim that they don't have enough money to make the payments. When noncustodial parents are in child support arrears, courts have a variety of options available to get parents to pay, including finding the noncustodial parent in contempt of court and sending him or her to jail.

Single-father abandons son, drives across country

Residents of Marietta have been watching their spending throughout the economic crisis, but it is safe to say that very few have thought of walking out the door, abandoning their families and never looking back. Many Georgians may find it horrifying to even consider leaving children alone and defenseless, but one man has done just that. A single-father walked out on his 11-year-old son and drove across the country because of his financial problems.

Georgia's divorce rate among the highest in the nation

New data from the U.S. Census has determined that Georgia has one of the eight highest divorce rates in the country. While this data may indicate that Georgia marriages don't last, the Census also finds that it has one of the highest rates of marriage, as well. Overall, people in the South marry and divorce more often than any other region of the country.

Georgia does not provide attorneys for child support hearings

There are possibly millions of children and custodial parents in Georgia who rely on child support payments to cover things like food, insurance or school costs. What happens, however, when a non-custodial parent can't afford his or her child support payments? The first thing a parent should do is to contact an attorney and seek a modification of child support. Modifications allow for changes in circumstances that affect your ability to pay, such as the loss of a job.

Many divorces stem from too busy, overworked spouses

Although many Georgians may not think it, a majority of divorces are not due to the high-conflict reasons that keep showing up in celebrity marriage scandals. Cheating, addiction or abuse may have their place in some divorces, but nearly 60 percent of marriages end because of a "slow erosion toward cohabitating strangerdom."

Fathers ask Japan to sign treaty to prevent child abductions

It may be a Georgia father's worst nightmare: his foreign ex-wife leaves the country with his child and there is nothing he can do to get his child back. While this may seem like the plot of movie, it is a tragic reality for many Americans. Japan is one of many countries that traditionally grant child custody and parental rights to one parent and almost never to foreign fathers. Over 170 American children have been taken away from one parent, usually a father, by a Japanese parent.

How to keep children thriving after divorce

It is undeniable that divorce can be hard on children. Children may think they are responsible for the divorce or that they must side with one parent over the other. According to a psychology professor at Wake Forest University, however, there is no reason why a child cannot do well after a divorce.

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