Bernie Madoff used to have it all. He used to have a close family, he was married to his high school sweetheart, and he had more than enough money. After it was discovered that he was the mastermind behind a $20 billion Ponzi scheme, however, his life started to fall apart. Eventually, Bernie was arrested and convicted of swindling investors of their money and was sentenced to a long prison sentence. Then, last year, Bernie’s son committed suicide. Now, Fox News reports that his wife, Ruth, is considering a divorce.

The couple attended the same high school and soon started dating. They eventually married and have been together for the past 52 years. According to other sources, when Bernie was first arrested and sentenced to prison, Ruth and Bernie’s sons gave their mother an ultimatum-she needed to choose between her sons or her husband. Ruth initially stuck with Bernie. She visited him in prison and stood by him when he was beaten in prison.

It seems, however, that Ruth’s plan to divorce Bernie is a new attempt to repair her relationship with her remaining son. When Bernie and Ruth’s sons initially turned their father in to police, the family dynamic broke apart. The sons have not spoken with their mother since that time. In fact, Ruth was not allowed to attend her son’s funeral after he committed suicide.

Ruth has not visited Bernie since the suicide, but it was reported that Bernie wants Ruth to do whatever she needs to do to reconcile with their son.

Source: Fox News, “Ruth Madoff Reportedly Plans to Divorce Bernie,” Aug. 15, 2011