John Mellencamp, a world famous rock and roll singer, has finalized his divorce from his wife of 18 years. His wife, Elaine Irwin, is a model and works with Almay cosmetics. In addition to Mellencamp’s career in front of a microphone and in the recording studio, he has been working with horror writer Stephen King on a musical soon to open in Atlanta.

The New York Post reports that Mellencamp’s marriage was irretrievably broken, a common reason for no-fault divorce. Mellencamp initially filed for divorce in January, but their divorce has only recently become official. The couple’s settlement agreement says Mellencamp and Irwin will share legal custody of their two teenage sons. Other sources have reported that Irwin will have primary physical custody of the boys and Mellencamp will pay for their schooling and child support.

The couple owned a 56-acre estate in Indiana and it has been reported that property division will follow the terms of a prenuptial agreement they had drawn up in 1992. The settlement agreement has otherwise been kept confidential, but sources say the divorce and settlement were amicable. Both Irwin and Mellencamp plan on staying in Indiana, which could indicate that Mellencamp plans on remaining in close contact with his children.

Since initially filing for divorce, speculation has surrounded with whom Mellencamp and Irwin have been spending their time. Mellencamp has been seen with a longtime family friend, actress Meg Ryan. Irwin has been spotted with the founder of a digital media company. While the media has raised rumors as to the couple’s new acquaintances, it is unclear what the exact nature of their relationship is.

Source: New York Post, “John Mellencamp finalizes divorce,” Aug. 15, 2011