Some people have a hard time collecting child support from their child’s other parent and are forced to use the judicial system to get the money they are owed. Georgia family courts have many different options available to collect child support payments from deadbeat moms and dads. One such method is to suspend the driver’s license of someone behind on their child support payments.

A recent run in with a police officer in Peachtree Corners, Georgia has called into question if the former NBA All-Star Ralph Sampson has any outstanding child support. The basketball player was stopped by a police officer because his license plate was expired. While the officer was pulling up Sampson’s driving record, however, he found Sampson’s license was suspended for failing to make his child support payments.

The former Huston Rocket has vehemently denied being in arrears with his child support obligations. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his license had been suspended because he had failed to pay a reinstatement fee. He insisted that the suspension was entirely unrelated to child support.

It is important for single-mothers and single-fathers to receive the money owed to them. Many are operating on a limited budget and need to use the other parents’ money to help care for their child. Failing to pay child support is a serious problem and Georgia family court can punish it as such.

Despite Sampson’s claim that the suspension was unrelated to child support, the arresting officer’s police report took his information from the Georgia Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center. The Gwinnett County police spokesman doubts there was an error in the police report.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Ex-NBA star Ralph Sampson jailed in Gwinnett; disputes claim of child support failure,” Marcus K. Garner, Aug. 25, 2011