Linda Evangelista certainly is not hurting for money and neither is her son’s father. It doesn’t seem like Evangelista would need child support, but is it fair that she has to pay for all of her four-year-old’s expenses while the father pays nothing? Evangelista recently decided to file for child support against the French billionaire.

Evangelista has requested $46,000 per month in child support from her son’s father. The French businessman is the chief executive officer of the corporation that owns the fashion houses Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Yves St. Laurent. The New York Post reports that his family is estimated at $11.5 billion and the family is arguing that Evangelista’s child support claim is too high.

Evangelista is a millionaire herself. She has over $8 million in assets and earned $1.8 million last year. Her lawyer has argued that while the costs of caring for her son are quite high, they are necessary. She says that she needs a nanny for the child 24 hours a day. Evangelista’s work schedule is quite busy-when she is working, she sometimes works 16 hours in a day. When she is not working, however, she needs to maintain her “image.” This includes working out at the gym and going to “beauty appointments.”

Evangelista has also requested child support to defray the monthly cost of hiring armed drivers, all of whom are former police officers. The billionaire’s lawyers have questioned her extensively about the need for such drivers, but she claims it is a cost of having a famous father.

The French billionaire also has a three-year-old daughter with actress Salma Hayek. He spends a considerable amount of money on his daughter, including $50,000 a month for a trust fund in her name. Evangelista claims he has not paid any support at all for their son since his birth.

Source: New York Post, “Model wants pretty penny,” Laura Italiano, Aug. 2, 2011