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August 2011 Archives

Former NBA player says he is not behind on child support

Some people have a hard time collecting child support from their child's other parent and are forced to use the judicial system to get the money they are owed. Georgia family courts have many different options available to collect child support payments from deadbeat moms and dads. One such method is to suspend the driver's license of someone behind on their child support payments.

Grandparents with custody over their grandchildren increases

There have always been grandparents who have raised grandchildren, but historically those grandparents only assumed those responsibilities when the grandchildren's parents were in prison, sick or dealing with an addiction. Today's child-rearing grandparents are also taking custody of their grandchildren because of the bad economy.

John Mellencamp divorces third wife after 18 years of marriage

John Mellencamp, a world famous rock and roll singer, has finalized his divorce from his wife of 18 years. His wife, Elaine Irwin, is a model and works with Almay cosmetics. In addition to Mellencamp's career in front of a microphone and in the recording studio, he has been working with horror writer Stephen King on a musical soon to open in Atlanta.

Family wants custody of children after mother's homicide

Lawrenceville, Georgia, was the recent location of an important child custody showdown. A grandfather filed for custody of his nine- and 12-year-old granddaughters after their mother and his daughter was found dead shortly after having an argument with her husband. Although the husband has not been charged with any involvement in his wife's death, police have ruled the death a homicide and he remains the only suspect.

Reports indicate Madoffs plan on divorcing

Bernie Madoff used to have it all. He used to have a close family, he was married to his high school sweetheart, and he had more than enough money. After it was discovered that he was the mastermind behind a $20 billion Ponzi scheme, however, his life started to fall apart. Eventually, Bernie was arrested and convicted of swindling investors of their money and was sentenced to a long prison sentence. Then, last year, Bernie's son committed suicide. Now, Fox News reports that his wife, Ruth, is considering a divorce.

Native American tribes may not enforce court-ordered child support

After a divorce, if one spouse has primary custody of the children he or she may receive child support from the other spouse. It is also extremely common for the spouse that owes child support to not pay or not completely pay the amount ordered by the court. In those situations, it is important to consult an attorney and sue for outstanding child support, but what if certain groups refused to force people to pay their child support obligations? There is a growing phenomenon of non-Native American mothers and fathers not receiving child support because their former spouses' tribal government won't make them pay.

Hollywood creates dangerous remarriage fantasies in children

When a child sees his or her parents divorce, it is likely that he or she dreams about them making up and getting back together. It is possible that they will reconcile, but it is unlikely. It is often times better for the child to come to terms with the divorce and cope with the new situation.

Mother loses child custody modification to dangerous stepmother

It has become an increasingly common concern among Georgia parents about who will have custody of the children in the event of a divorce. While the child's best interest is most often a factor, parents can try to modify child custody orders after they've been adopted. One mother failed in her attempt to modify her child custody order after she discovered her ex-husband had married a woman who killed her children 20 years ago.

Evangelista asks for biggest child support award seen in court

Linda Evangelista certainly is not hurting for money and neither is her son's father. It doesn't seem like Evangelista would need child support, but is it fair that she has to pay for all of her four-year-old's expenses while the father pays nothing? Evangelista recently decided to file for child support against the French billionaire.

Do rape victims owe child support to children born of rape?

It is certainly not a story heard before: a man is claiming that his high school girlfriend raped him and is now making him pay child support for the child born out of that sexual encounter. While there doesn't seem to be any sort of precedent in Georgia, this Florida case could potentially change child support across the country.

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