Divorce can be an extremely difficult process and anyone going through one can expect some problems from an ex. There is no exception for reality stars it seems. Sonja Morgan of the “Real Housewives of New York City” is seeking to enforce the $3 million lump-sum divorce judgment entered against her ex-husband. Morgan also claims her ex owes her $300,000 in back alimony, as well.

Morgan was formerly married to John Adams Morgan. He can trace his lineage to the infamous banker J.P. Morgan and the former United States President John Adams. According to Mr. Morgan’s attorney, his client is appealing the divorce judgment and alimony award because it exceeds the amount recorded in pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

The reality television star is facing some financial difficulty after her ex-husband appealed her alimony award. For example, this past fall she was forced to file for Chapter 11 protection in a New York. Now, she risks losing her $6 million home in Manhattan. According to the New York Post, the problems surrounding her divorce judgment are putting her home at risk.

Morgan’s ex has also reportedly prevented Morgan from selling or even visiting the other properties she co-owns with him. The former couple own homes in Colorado and France. Meanwhile, Morgan’s ex-husband is living on a private island worth $19 million near Stamford, Connecticut.

For most Georgians, divorce is not that different-those going through a divorce know that there is the potential for considerable financial hardship. Working closely with a knowledgeable attorney, however, may mean the difference between losing a home and an alimony award. Although alimony is not a guarantee, family lawyers can explain to someone going through a divorce all the options available to him or her.

Source: New York Post, “‘Real Housewife of New York City’ says she’s getting financially screwed by ex,” Perry Chiaramonte and Dan Mangan, 4 July 11