Divorce, child custody, and child support can bring up a lot of strong emotions. It is normal for parents to feel overwhelmed and possibly angry toward their ex-spouse. One Georgia woman, however, has allegedly tried to hire a hit-man to kill her ex-husband over child support payments.

The Charlotte Observer reported that the woman had failed to make several child support payments to her ex-husband. The ex-husband has custody of their two teenage daughters and, despite an agreement that ordered the woman to pay child support, she had missed some payments. Things apparently grew even more heated, however, after the woman’s tax return was revoked because of her child support arrears. The woman told a witness working with the FBI that she had previously spent the tax refund. According to the witness, however, she assured him that she was able to pay the $1,500 necessary to hire a hit-man.

Other reports say that the woman is a former sheriff’s deputy for Virginia Beach.

The witness reported the woman to Virginia Beach police department after she had asked him to help her find someone to kill her ex-husband. While working with the FBI, the witness was able to gather evidence by recording phone conversations about the proposed murder. The witness claims the plan was for the hit-man to kill the ex-husband after she met with him and their daughters at a restaurant. Fortunately for the ex-husband, the woman was arrested and charged “with using interstate commerce facilities in her attempt to arrange the killing.”

Most child support cases do not end up like this. While post-divorce child custody and child support problems may arise, it is not impossible to get a modification of a divorce agreement.

Source: Charlotte Observer, “Hit-man-for-hire plot alleged,” Sanette Tanaka and Maria David, 08 July 2011