According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, the divorce rate for people age 50 and over has doubled over the past two decades. Over the same time frame, the general divorce rate has been on the decline.

Recent celebrity splits including the dissolved marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the divorce between Al and Tipper Gore have cast the spotlight on baby boomer divorces.

Karen Stewart, a divorce and relationship expert, believes that baby boomers are more likely to have the financial ability to get divorced. Their economic power gives many boomers the option of getting divorced without experiencing extreme financial problems. In the case of baby boomers who are not as well off, money issues can lead to divorce. Stewart believes that the divorce trend will be apparent until baby boomers get older.

She also says that communication issues are a commonplace problem amongst divorced baby boomers. Though infidelity can spark issues and possibly the end of a marriage, communication is a long-term process that needs to be paid attention to if any couple wants a marriage to last, not just baby boomers.

Some may still be concerned about their finances when it comes to divorce. Both parties in a divorce are worried about being hung out to dry and with good reason, especially in an emotionally tumultuous relationship. Coming to the table with a practical mindset can help make the divorce process less painful, both emotionally and financially. Both individuals want to feel secure after the business of a divorce is completed.

Experienced divorce attorneys know that there are unique legal issues that can arise when people decide to divorce over the age of 50, including marital property division and the disposition of retirement assets. If you have questions about divorce, and experienced family law attorney can help.

Source: Fox News, “Why So Many Baby Boomers are Getting Divorced,” Casey Dowd, 6/23/2011