Many child custody experts in Washington are suggesting that parents view divorce as a time share and an opportunity to enjoy time with their children.

Divorce separates families, and that often affects children the most. For parents, a divorce means an opportunity to start new lives. For children, contentious child custody battles can mean dividing their lives in half.

Because children need unconditional love and support, it is important for them to spend time with both parents. Although many parents are concerned with the financial and physical concerns regarding their children, parents should also be focused on the emotional well-being of their children.

To reiterate that point, some divorce professionals are suggesting that parents view the divorce as a “time share.” In vacationing terms, a time share is viewed as a good thing. It is a chance for someone to have a different and relaxing experience while sharing the responsibility with other. A time share should be an escape the constant drumming of your normal routine and things that bring stress into your life.

If parents think of a divorce as a time share, they may be more likely to see the time they spend with their children as a positive experience. Ideally, time shares are meant to be enjoyed by all, free from any of the problems of daily life, like the things that led to the divorce.

Suggesting that life is affected by how you see it, professionals say that viewing kids as an opportunity to share time can represent a positive experience for everyone. Divorce will certainly be a new experience for parents, but viewing it in positive terms can help ensure it is good for the kids.

Source: Huffington Post, “Why A Time Share Divorce Benefits Your Kids,” David Wygant, 9 June 2011