In May, we wrote that Charlie Sheen’s divorce from Brooke Mueller had been finalized. Although they were only married for about three years, the couple had a very complicated divorce. The issues of child support, child custody and marital property division needed to be resolved.

Although their divorce has been finalized, the issues of child support and child custody appear to be far from resolved between Mueller and Sheen. The couple has had some high-profile disputes over child custody. Last week, Sheen and Mueller’s case returned to family court on the issue of child support.

As part of their divorce, Sheen was ordered to pay Mueller $55,000 each month in child support for the support of their twin boys who are now two years old. However, Mueller returned to court in order to ask the court to enforce that child support order.

When a child support order is disregarded or disobeyed, a parent cannot take matters into his or her own hands. This is not to say that a spouse who receives the support does not have legal recourse. In Georgia, a parent has several legal options, including returning to court and seeking an order of contempt. In Mueller’s case, she requested that Sheen’s wages be garnished.

On Friday, Judge Hank Goldberg approved Mueller’s request and ordered that $55,000 be garnished from his wages. The order was directed to Sheen’s former employer, Warner Brothers Television, who fired Sheen in March after a series of public outbursts. Sheen and Warner Brothers have been disputing the amount of money the studio owes him ever since his termination.

Source: USA Today, “Judge orders Sheen wages docked for child support,” 6/29/2011