If you believe the commercials on television, Mother’s Day is a day in which families dote on mothers. Mothers are showered with flowers, chocolates and other tokens of attention designed to let them know how special they are. Unfortunately, like any holiday, the reality of Mother’s Day does not always live up to the fantasy image.

It seems as though a significant number of wives and mothers felt under-appreciated this past Sunday and turned to an unlikely source for consolation — an online dating site. The president and co-founder of one matchmaking site reported that a large number of married women turn to these types of sites searching for an emotional connection, a “revalidation” of a time when their husbands paid attention to them in a romantic way. Does this practice lead to divorce? Possibly.

According to one online dating site, 52,684 mothers across the United States signed up for its services on Monday, the day after Mother’s Day. Normally, only 3,000 women sign up on the site per day. Why the sudden interest? Some experts explained that holidays are “litmus tests.” If someone is expected to be treated well on a special day, and that person ends up feeling empty and lonely, the door may be opened to having an affair. This, naturally, could lead to a divorce in the future.

Unfortunately, anyone using an online dating service to have an extramarital affair may be discovered eventually. The reality is that any online activity leaves a footprint. In the event that a couple later pursues a divorce, evidence of an affair may be uncovered.

However, evidence of cheating does not necessarily prevent someone from getting the money from a divorce settlement he or she would normally have received. An affair could only impact alimony or child support awards when a mother claimed she was unable to work because she was at home caring for the children and it turned out she was having an affair instead.

Source: FOX Business, “Dating Site: 52, 684 Moms Looking to Cheat After Disappointing Mother’s Day,” Kate Rogers, 12 May 2011