The courts are dedicated to making sure children are raised in a healthy and safe environment. If a parent poses a threat to a child, he or she may very well lose custody. This is what is happening with the mother who recently announced on national television that she injected her child with Botox for cosmetic reasons. While this case is not taking place in Georgia, it could impact custody cases across the country.

Not long ago, a mother said in a U.K. newspaper and on “Good Morning America” that she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox because the child did not like the wrinkles she saw on her face and wanted to perform well in beauty pageants. The story outraged readers and viewers, who feared for the child’s health.

While Botox is generally safe for adults, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the drug for cosmetic use in children. The FDA has expressed concern about possible physical and emotional damage, including breathing difficulties and facial deformities.

Child Protective Services revoked the woman’s custody and took the girl into protection. Shortly after, the mother said the story was a hoax. She explained she had been paid $200 to pose for photographs in which she simulated injecting Botox into her daughter’s face. The woman claims she did not know what Botox was at the time of the agreement and would never endanger her daughter. The child has been returned to the woman under supervised custody, though CPS continues to actively investigate the case.

The mother allegedly took her child to a dermatologist at the UCLA Medical Center, who performed tests on the girl that reportedly showed she had never received a Botox injection. A major news outlet confirmed that a medical test was performed, but the results of that test are not yet available to the public. Another dermatologist claims that since the injections were allegedly administered several months ago, blood tests would not be able to detect the substance.

If the mother is found to have administered the drug to her daughter, she could likely lose custody indefinitely.

Source: ABC News, “Mom Who Said She Injected Her 8-Year-Old Daughter With Botox Fights to Keep Her Daughter,” Lauren Sher, 20 May 2011