Jermaine Dupri, a producer who worked with singing stars such as Mariah Carey and Usher, is being sued for failure to pay child support. In the last few years, Dupri has been experiencing financial pressure from all sides – taxes, a potential home foreclosure and most recently, child support.

Two months ago, a paternity test proved that Dupri was the father of an Atlanta woman’s seven-month-old daughter. In March, a Fulton County Superior Court judge ordered Dupri to start making monthly child support payments in the amount of $2,500. The court ordered the Georgia music producer to pay an additional $7,500 to the child’s mother.

However, reports indicate he has paid nothing to date. The child’s mother is now taking Dupri back to court to recover the child support he was ordered to pay. She said that she hoped Dupri would take his co-parenting role seriously. At this time, Dupri’s attorney has not made any response.

Just five years ago, the Atlanta native was on top of the music world and had an estimated income of $12 million. Since that time of fame, the hip-hop music producer has experienced a range of financial difficulties. In addition to the child support issue, he is being pressured to pay nearly $500,000 in state back taxes for 2007. Further, his mansion was scheduled to be foreclosed upon. However, the auction was canceled at the last minute.

When courts issue child support orders, they expect non-custodial parents to comply. Failure to do so can cause the matter to be returned to court, as in this particular situation. Sometimes, the court will issue a modification. Other times, the court will simply enforce the existing order. Either way, the courts strive to ensure children get the financial assistance they need and deserve.

Source: The Washington Post, “Producer Jermaine Dupri sued by woman over child support payments after judge’s order,” 9 May 2011