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May 2011 Archives

More single fathers are raising children, census data shows

Historically, when parents ended their relationship, the mothers were automatically granted custody of the children. However, current statistics show that more and more fathers are now obtaining custody and raising children on their own. This dramatic shift illustrates some of the major changes our society has undergone in the past few decades.

Lengthy commutes may contribute to divorce rate, study says

To nurture a relationship, couples are forced to find a balance between spending enough time with each other and not spending too much time together. The stress of trying to find the right balance when so many demands are placed on a person's time -- driving to and from work, taking care of the kids, making dinner, running a household and more -- can cause a great deal of tension in marriages.

Mother claims Botox scandal was hoax, fights for custody

The courts are dedicated to making sure children are raised in a healthy and safe environment. If a parent poses a threat to a child, he or she may very well lose custody. This is what is happening with the mother who recently announced on national television that she injected her child with Botox for cosmetic reasons. While this case is not taking place in Georgia, it could impact custody cases across the country.

Actress January Jones refuses to name baby's father

An unmarried mother in Georgia or any other state is not legally obligated to name the father of her child. In fact, a number of moms choose not to name the father of their babies for privacy purposes. However, some say this practice infringes on fathers' rights.

Pro-athlete lockouts kickstart support modifications

If members of the National Basketball Association get locked out from their jobs in June, reduced pro-ball incomes will be a harsh reality until the unions and team owners come to terms. Mindful of fragile big-money budgets, players' agents and lawyers are persuading their clients to seek court order modifications.

Atlanta music producer sued for failure to pay child support

Jermaine Dupri, a producer who worked with singing stars such as Mariah Carey and Usher, is being sued for failure to pay child support. In the last few years, Dupri has been experiencing financial pressure from all sides - taxes, a potential home foreclosure and most recently, child support.

Mothers flood online dating sites after Mother's Day

If you believe the commercials on television, Mother's Day is a day in which families dote on mothers. Mothers are showered with flowers, chocolates and other tokens of attention designed to let them know how special they are. Unfortunately, like any holiday, the reality of Mother's Day does not always live up to the fantasy image.

Charlie Sheen to pay $55,000 per month in child support

Yesterday, the widely publicized divorce of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller was finalized, marking the end of their three-year marriage. After months of bitter disputes, the court has granted Mueller a substantial child support award to cover the expenses of raising their two young sons.

State Supreme Court grants child custody modification request

Because life is fluid, things are constantly changing. People get new jobs, move to new cities and start new families. When individuals who are bound by agreements made during a divorce undergo major changes, they may need to seek court order modifications.

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