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March 2011 Archives

Fathers' rights advocates want dads to have equal time with kids

In many child custody disputes in Georgia and across the nation, the courts side with the mothers. However, fathers' rights advocates want dads to be able to spend the same amount of time with their children as mothers do. In some states, they are pursuing legislation that would result in children splitting their time equally between mothers and fathers.

Georgia may provide lawyers to parents behind on child support

Last week, six men filed a lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court asking that indigent parents in Georgia who are jailed for missing child support payments be appointed attorneys. Essentially, they are requesting that the state pay for lawyers for those who are too poor to make their child support payments, just as they would for people who have been charged with crimes and are facing time behind bars.

Helping children cope with divorce

Children can be affected in many different ways by the divorce of their parents. Depending on the child custody arrangement, children may end up living with either of the parents for a majority of the time and see the other parent periodically. If the parents live within close proximity, they may have joint custody. Under either scenario, it can be difficult for parents and children to reconnect when they have been apart.

More divorced couples are vacationing together with their kids

More and more parents who divorce when their children are still fairly young are doing something others find shocking: going on vacation with their former spouses and kids. While some divorced couples would not dream of voluntarily spending time with an ex-spouse, others insist this is an excellent opportunity to create good memories and save money.

Gwinnett Superior Court denies modification request

In a divorce situation, nothing is ever final. Divorce agreements can be adjusted to reflect what is going on in the lives of the men and women involved. If one person's circumstances significantly change or if a child's needs change, it may be time to reconsider the divorce agreement and seek a court order modification.

Georgia steps up child support enforcement efforts

By law, parents who do not live with their children are obligated to make monthly child support payments to help the other parent cover the child's expenses. Stemming from a divorce or a paternity action, a child support order is enforceable. That means if a non-custodial parent fails to pay in a timely manner, he or she may face serious consequences.

Georgia makes legitimation easier for single dads

In Georgia, laws regarding children born out of wedlock have changed very little over time. Under the law, when an unmarried woman gives birth to a child, the baby belongs solely to the mother. Even when the mother and father are in a committed relationship, if they are unmarried, the father has no legal parental rights.

Charlie Sheen seeks return of child support payments

No one disputes that children should be cared for financially after a divorce. Child support is designed to help pay for food, clothing, school activities and other necessary expenses involving the child. However, in some cases, child support payments are the source of bitter debate between parents.

Study finds happy teens are more likely to divorce

Are happy teenagers more likely to divorce? That is what a British study recently found to be true. While most happiness research does not center on teens, a traditionally a sullen group, this particular study looked at people from birth to adulthood and made some interesting connections regarding the teenage years and probability of divorce in adulthood.

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