Finances are some of the most hotly debated issues in any divorce. Whether a couple is wealthy and famous or pinching pennies to make the mortgage payment, finances frequently give rise to emotional disputes in divorce proceedings. Sometimes, these financial arguments even occur after a divorce settlement has been finalized.

Music producer The Dream, whose real name is Terius Nash, and his former wife Christine Milian seemed to have an amicable divorce last November. According to Georgia court documents, Nash agreed to pay Milian a sizeable settlement when they dissolved their marriage. As part of the settlement, Nash included 10 percent of his publishing rights to a song he co-wrote called “Baby.”

Now, the two are in court again. The song which Nash helped write was recorded by pop sensation Justin Bieber and has become a major hit. Now that the tune has become a huge phenomenon, Milian is seeking additional general support, as well as a larger percentage of the royalties to the song.

Nash denied that his former wife is entitled to more money. Incensed, he is now working to prevent her from getting any settlement or support funding at all. Milian and her lawyers are aggressively fighting against him.

While divorce settlements are classified as final, they are not meant to last forever. Sometimes, they need to be adjusted when the circumstances of one or both parties have changed. When life changes and your divorce decree no longer reflects the needs of your current situation or your child’s needs, it may be possible to revisit the court order and seek modifications.

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