Seeking A Fair Settlement Out Of Court?

Divorce mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be useful tools to save time and money in divorce. Mediation is a non-adversarial process in which parties negotiate out of court to resolve disputes and reach a settlement. If successful, the costs and stress of litigation are avoided.

However, simply engaging in mediation will not necessarily result in a resolution that meets your legal and financial needs. It requires a knowledge of the process and the ability to negotiate from a position of strength.

A Pragmatic Approach To Negotiation

William C. Gentry, Attorney at Law, can help you enter into mediation with a realistic outlook and a greater probability of obtaining your desired results. Successful mediation requires a good mediator and the ability to foresee potential obstacles. Bill Gentry has been engaging in mediation before Cobb County first began its mandatory program back in 1993. He knows local mediators who can best facilitate reaching a just settlement. Importantly, his knowledge of local courts and judges can help him anticipate what the court would consider a reasonable outcome. If the opposing party's positions differ from settlements and outcomes reached in past similar situations, Mr. Gentry will clearly and honestly guide you in taking your next appropriate steps.

Negotiating From A Position Of Strength

Part of engaging in mediation is understanding that if a resolution is not reached, you must have a chance of obtaining a better result through litigation. With Mr. Gentry, you can rely on a well-respected trial lawyer who has spent countless hours in court. If the other side does not engage in a good faith effort to resolve disputes, you have an aggressive, knowledgeable lawyer on your side who is dedicated to achieving your goals, whether in or out of court.

This means we can negotiate aggressively to get a fair resolution, knowing that the knowledge and skill honed from 30 years of practicing divorce law in Cobb County is behind you.

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